Honoring a World War II veteran

When CC Shermer, president of Jardur watches, picked up the phone on April 12, he didn’t realize he would be meeting a true hero —and a true fan of the company’s watches. Julian Russo, a World War II Helldiver Navy gunner, told Shermer he wore a Jardur watch throughout the war and was still upset, to this day, about losing the watch.

Russo, who bought the watch at a U.S. Navy Ship Store, told Shermer: “I loved my watch. It served me well over Iwo Jima. I just wish I still had it.” Russo then explained that someone took it from a bathroom wash basin sometime after the war.

During the conversation, Shermer noted that Russo was still very upset over the loss of the watch. “When he spoke about his Jardur, he sounded like a person reflecting on an old friend,” said Shermer.

Russo expressed that he would love to find and wear another Jardur watch again.

Russo’s call sent Shermer into action. He reached out to his network of watch collectors and found a vintage Jardur the same model as the lost watch.

“I think it will be awesome to present Julian with a vintage Jardur tool watch like the one he wore over Mt. Suribachi. Hopefully, this gift to Julian will be the ultimate ‘Thank you for your service!’”

On Aug. 16, Shermer will present the watch to Russo, 87, at the McIntyre Building in New York City, where the Jardur Import Company was established in 1937.

The company closed its doors in 1960. The brand was resurrected in 2011 by Shermer of Missoula, Montana, and is now named Jardur Watches.
The first aviation chronograph launched under the revitalized Jardur Watches, the Degreemeter, pays homage to the original World War II era Bezelmeter 960 aviation chronograph.

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