Gross weight increases approved for Power90 conversion

SMYRNA, Tenn. — Just three months after completion of its second Power90 conversion to the GE H80 Engines, Smyrna Air Center reports the STC has been amended to allow for an increase of the Max Gross Takeoff Weight (MGTW) for the King Air C90 and E90 with the GE H80 engines installed.

The amendment increases the King Air C90 to 10,410 Max Ramp weight and 10,350 Max Gross Takeoff Weight. The King Air E90 is amended to 10,560 Max Ramp Weight and 10,500 Max Gross Takeoff Weight.

Smyrna Air Center officials said they realized that to capitalize on the power and performance of the H80 engine, increasing payload for fuel, passengers, or freight, there needed to be an increase in the gross weight for the aircraft.

The increase of 400 pounds for the E90 will increase the range by 260 nm. For the C90, the increase is on top of the one that increased the MGTW from 9,650 to 10,100. Now being able to go to 10,350, Smyrna offers the owner/operator a total of 700 pounds of increase capacity compared to the stock C90.

King Air pilots are often faced with the decision to leave off fuel, bags, or passengers due to weight limits of the aircraft. With Smyrna Air Center’s Power90 conversion, that decision is mitigated, officials noted.

During the certification process Smyrna Air Center’s analysis showed the aircraft to be considerably quieter than any other 90-Series King Air.

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