displays Oshkosh specials has launched its annual “Oshkosh Specials” page. Since 2010 has produced this seasonal webpage, giving flyers heading to EAA’s AirVenture the ability to review discounts and special deals offered from FBOs nationwide.

Jeff Carrithers, president and CEO of, explains, “FBOs across the nation know Oshkosh is right around the corner and they also know there are thousands of aircraft flying from all over the nation heading to the event.  They offer great specials for pilots, from large fuel discounts to free parking to free camping access.  Some FBOs make it a little fun by offering food of some type. I always enjoy the free doughnuts myself, but some FBOs even offer hamburgers and barbeques.”

This is the fourth year has presented this information online to both aviators heading to Oskhosh and FBOs offering discounts. It is a good idea to check back often throughout the month of July as it is being up dated frequently, officials noted.

FBOs that have specials they would like to post may contact with the appropriate information, including the airport identifier, the name of the FBO, a point of contact and a short description (less than 200 characters) of the discount/special.

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