Citation Latitude assembly line begins

Cessna has started full assembly line flow on the Citation Latitude midsize business jet at its manufacturing facilities in Wichita.

The assembly of the Latitude features a variety of technological advancements including the use of new automated robotics and ergonomically friendly tooling stations, according to company officials.

The first production aircraft will serve as the fourth flying prototype as part of the Citation Latitude certification program, which has accumulated 100 flights and nearly 230 hours to date.

The Citation Latitude prototype flew for the first time in February and achieved full envelope performance for maximum speed (440 KTAS, 506 mph), Mach speed (0.80) and altitude (45,000 feet) in its third flight. FAA type certification is expected in the second quarter of 2015.

The Latitude has the widest fuselage of any Citation jet, a flat cabin floor and 6 feet of cabin height. Cessna’s Clairity cabin-technology system ties into the Latitude’s avionics center to provide connectivity and entertainment to each passenger through their personal electronic devices.

The Citation Latitude accommodates up to nine passengers, can reach a flight level of 43,000 feet in 23 minutes and has a range of up to 2,500 nautical miles. It is designed with a new cabin cooling system, a pressurization system providing a 6,000-foot cabin altitude at the aircraft’s maximum operating altitude of 45,000 feet, an electronically-operated cabin door and Garmin G5000 avionics and auto-throttle capabilities.

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