Sebring LSA Expo unveils new Wednesday to Saturday format

The 11th annual U.S. Sport Aviation Expo will open one day earlier than in years past, with the event now running from Wednesday, Jan. 14, through Saturday, Jan. 17, 2015. The Expo, held on Sebring Regional Airport (SEF) in Florida, is known as the Sebring LSA Expo because it features everything related to sport aviation and LSAs.

Expo Director Jana Filip explained the change, “We’ve observed that attendance on Sunday traditionally has been lower than other exhibit days, and our survey results indicated our visitors from around the country like to fly home on Sunday. So, amending our dates seemed like the best way to offer a better event for both our exhibitors and our visitors…and it’s good for our volunteers, too!”

Filip noted that other major aviation events have moved to similar formats with good success. “We think this schedule will be better for everyone,” she said.

During the 2014 Expo, more than 140 indoor and outdoor exhibitors offered a wide variety of aircraft and aviation supplies for owners of ultralights, light-sport and homebuilt aircraft. Many vendors reported brisk sales during the event, and manufacturers and visitors were delighted with their ability to fly a variety of aircraft throughout the week, she noted.

With 160 exhibitors spaces available in 2015, Filip confirmed that the Expo will again offer extra benefits to exhibitors who enter into partner or sponsorship agreements with the Expo. Contracts for the 2015 event are currently in the mail to previous exhibitors.

New in 2014 and returning in 2015, the Expo will offer onsite overnight camping for homebuilt aircraft, as well as special display parking space for owners to showcase their aircraft.

“We’re delighted to welcome homebuilders to our event,” Filip said. “We know they have many similar product needs as owners of light-sport aircraft, so the Expo is a great place for homebuilders to shop as well.”

In the new event format, set up day will be Tuesday, Jan. 13, with an Exhibitor Appreciation Gathering to be held that evening.

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    I’d like to make a suggestion. I have lived in central Florida since May 1964. I have no idea when this event started in Sebring, but today is the first I have heard of it. My parents moved to Florida in 1962. Moved to Avon Park, Florida because of father’s employment in 1989. I visited there many times and have never heard of any aviation events in that area. I am now 73 years of age, private pilot, single engine land, and recently could not renew my medical. But I still love aviation and anything connected with it.
    I’d like to suggest additional advertising of your event. I think it is possible a lot of other potential attendeees have no idea of its existance. I know longer am a member of AOPA because of some of their past actions, but I do keep abreast of any and all aviation events in the Southeast.
    I will see you in January of 2015.

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