FltPlan completes rapid decompression testing for Android tablets

FltPlan has conducted rapid decompression testing for Android tablets at National Technical Systems (NTS) in Boxborough, Mass.

To use an electronic device as a replacement for paper charts in the cockpit, Part 135 and 121 operators must receive formal approval from the FAA.  This testing is one component of the approval process detailed in the FAA’s Advisory Circular AC 120-76C.

NTS tested tablets to 51,000 feet in compliance with the FAA’s requirements for authorized use in the cockpit.  Testing was performed on four different Android powered tablets made by two different manufacturers: Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Tab 3, Nexus 10, and ASUS Memo Pad HD7.

The testing can be viewed here:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_N-OzBK8vc&w=560&h=315]

“No inconsistencies were discovered during testing of any of the four Android models,” said Ken Wilson, founder and president of FltPlan, the largest flight-planning service in North America that supports 145,000 active pilots representing over 65% of all business aviation.

Earlier this month, FltPlan released FltPlan Go for Android,  the mirror image of its iPad Go app, giving pilots the choice to use which ever device fits their needs.

“We find that our pilots’ habits vary greatly and in order to meet their needs we needed to create apps for more than just one device,” Wilson said.  “And now with the testing finished we can help them obtain FAA approval as well.”

FltPlan, now in its 14th year on the web, supports pilots with services ranging from flight plan filing, FBO/airport information, flight tracking, certified eAPIS submissions, SMS (IS-BAO and ACSF), runway analysis, weight and balance, eLogbook program, Mexican/Caribbean/Central America handling, Mexican and Cuban overflight services, pre-departure clearances, FAA-approved certified weather, and participation in the FAA’s CDM program.

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