Zenith Aircraft hosts Annual Hangar Day Sept. 20

MEXICO, Mo. —  Zenith Aircraft will host its 23rd Annual Hangar Day Fly-In and Open House on Saturday, Sept. 20.

The event will run from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. and is expected to attract hundreds of builders who have completed, are building, or expect to purchase an all metal Zenith Aircraft kit.

Activities actually begin the day before the Open House when a large group of prospective builders will show up for a workshop and a series of seminars on topics ranging from powerplants, avionics, wiring along with weight and balance calculating. The workshop will involve hands on work with metal and demonstrations on how CNC machining has revolutionized the metal aircraft kit business.

Friday evening there will be a factory hosted dinner at the local Elks Club which is open to all workshop attendees.

On Saturday, the company opens up its doors, rolls out all of its demonstration aircraft and begins to give demo flights and factory tours. Typically 25 to 50 Zenith Aircraft, completed by builders from all over the country fly in for the day, while hundreds more drive in.

Throughout the day there will be a series of brief forums about building and flying an Experimental Amateur-Built Aircraft with an emphasis on how easy and enjoyable it is to assemble a modern kit. Factory personnel will be providing demonstrations and answering questions.

“Last year we had about 400 people here on Hangar Day,” said Zenith President Sebastien Heintz. “Most of the people were builders and it’s safe to say that all of them had a great time. We expect to have a similar experience this year.”

For more information: ZenithAir.com



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