Video: Way too close

While not general aviation, this video shows in moving pictures a near collision as a result of a runway incursion.


  1. RudyH says

    However…competent use of cockpit resource management, and Safety in general, prudent co-pilots would have locked ’em up until the landing aircraft passed or clearing by ATC….just sayin’….

  2. Gary says

    This was most likely shot “zoomed” in which compresses the components of the scene making the aircraft look closer than they are. In the same way a wide angle would spread the components making them look further apart.

  3. Geoff says

    I have no personal knowledge of the event, but the airport is saying there was no runway incursion, and that the aircraft on the ground was cleared to cross the runway. Allegedly, the perspective of the shot makes the aircraft looks close, but they are, if fact, a perfectly safe distance apart, and the pilot of the landing aircraft executed a go-around on his own initiative in an abundance of caution.

    The airport’s version of the facts may not be true, but as aviation advocates, we would be well served to make quite sure of our facts before jumping to sensationalize any air traffic irregularity.

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