Savvy Aviator introduces FEVA

Savvy Aviator has introduced FEVA — Failing Exhaust Valve Analytics — which provides advance warning of failing exhaust valves in piston aircraft engines equipped with a digital engine monitor.

A decade ago, Savvy’s founder and CEO Mike Busch said he discovered a characteristic pattern in exhaust gas temperature (EGT) data that is predictive of a failing exhaust valve. Until now, the pattern could only be detected by the eyes of a trained human analyst. But now, using sophisticated pattern recognition software, FEVA can detect the telltale signature of a failing exhaust valve automatically, he said.

The software has been developed using Savvy’s database of more than 600,000 separate flights that have been uploaded into the platform since its launch in early 2013.

“Exhaust valves are the most vulnerable components of piston aircraft engines, and exhaust valve failure is the most common cause for in-flight cylinder shutdown,” said Busch.“Catching an exhaust valve problem early can avoid a potentially serious in-flight loss of power; that was our motivation for developing FEVA.”

FEVA works for all four-cycle reciprocating aircraft engines with exhaust valve rotator caps, including all horizontally-opposed Continentals and Lycomings and many other engines. It also requires a digital engine monitor that records EGT individually for each cylinder (as virtually all modern engine monitors do).

FEVA will now automatically scan each flight uploaded to the platform by paid subscribers to SavvyAnalysis Pro and SavvyMx. If it detects a failing exhaust valve, an email alert will be sent to the aircraft owner recommending immediate borescope inspection of the suspect valve to confirm the diagnosis.

FEVA™ is included with a paid subscription to SavvyAnalysis Pro, which costs $129 per year for singles and $199 for twins. The service also includes a regular program of professional analysis of subscribers’ engine monitor data.

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