Baron offers global weather data for avionics and apps

Baron, a weather technology company, offers an extensive list of global weather and domestic aviation products for integration into avionics and apps. The Baron Weather API was specifically designed for use by developers who want to include weather data into their products and services, according to company officials.

Baron is recognized throughout the industry as the weather data provider for the XMWX Satellite Weather service, as well as the WxWorx on Wings cockpit software.

An array of domestic and global data products relevant to aviators is available, including a global satellite-derived radar product that provides an analysis of precipitation around the world where no ground based radars exist.

Each developer can customize their own data package to fit their customers’ unique weather needs, Baron officials noted.

In addition to standard weather data, the following products are now available through the API with more to come throughout the year:

  • Global Satellite-Derived Radar
  • Global Lightning Data
  • Global Forecast Data
  • Global IR Satellite
  • Winds Aloft (Global and Domestic)
  • Temps Aloft (Global and Domestic)
  • Turbulence (North America)
  • CIP Icing or Current Icing Product (North America)
  • SLD Icing or Supercooled Large Droplets (North America)

The Baron API is powered by customizable, high-resolution, auto-updating content, enabling quick and seamless integration into most applications and platforms by using common data formats including JSON and TMS.  The data is Internet delivered. RESTful architecture ensures a familiar development environment. Two recent implementations of the Baron Weather API have been completed by AvSoft and iFlightPlanner.

Developers interested in learning more about how to incorporate the Baron Weather API into their products can contact Christy Bechtel, Director of Business Development, for more information at 256-881-8811.


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