Sennheiser plans AirVenture activities

OSHKOSH — Aviation headset manufacturer Sennheiser has unveiled a packed agenda at this year’s EAA AirVenture Oshkosh with sponsorships, a flight pinning ceremony, and the fifth annual Podapalooza social media gathering.

For the duration of AirVenture, Sennheiser will be showcasing its aviation headsets — the S1 family, including the S1 Digital, the S1 NoiseGard, and S1 Passive — at its tent, located just outside Hangar B.

Sennheiser is a sponsor of EAA’s One Week Wonder this year, a weeklong exhibition that will feature a home build of a Zenith CH 750 kit. One of AirVenture’s most interesting attractions, One Week Wonder will construct a kit plane from scratch, with the goal of having it completed within a week.

Once the plane is completed on Aug. 3, it will be outfitted with Sennheiser S1 NoiseGard headsets prior to taking flight.

Once again, Sennheiser will be on hand as Able Flight recognizes its most recent graduating class of new pilots. The ceremony will take place on Tuesday, July 29, at 9 a.m. at the main concert stage, Phillips Plaza. This year, six students have received their sport pilot certification through a joint training program run by Able Flight and Purdue University.

At the ceremony, each student will be formally recognized by Able Flight and presented with a new Sennheiser S1 Passive headset. Each year, Sennheiser participates in this special ceremony to recognize the efforts and commitment of physically challenged students as they choose to pursue — and finally realize — their goal of flight.

Five years ago, Podapalooza began as an informal way for aviation fans to connect with audiences who were otherwise not able to attend using a variety of social media channels, including Twitter feeds and live podcast interviews. On Aug. 1 between 6:30 p.m. and 10 p.m., Sennheiser will host the fifth annual Podapalooza.

Highlights of this year’s event will include the premier of The Aviators Season 5 as well as several guests including Robert Meder, chairman of the National Association of Flight Instructors; Jennifer Jensen, Co-Executive Producer of The Aviators; Rod Rakic, Co-Founder and President of OpenAirplane; Joe Ellis, professional pilot and musician; and many others. In addition, Sennheiser will raffle off prizes for those in attendance, including an S1 Digital headset, two iFlight Planner premier memberships and a $100 gift certificate to Sporty’s Pilot shop.

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