MyGoFlight introduces four new products for iPads in the cockpit at OSH

OSHKOSH — At AirVentureMyGoFlight, maker of iPad and tablet gear for pilots, introduced four new products that “simplify and improve how pilots use their iPad or tablet in the cockpit of planes,” company officials said.

“The iPad and tablet computer have become universally adopted by pilots of all types – general aviation, corporate, commercial and military,” said Charles Schneider, CEO of MyGoFlight. “Yet the cockpit was not designed with the device in mind. Our new products solve many of the challenges of how and where to mount the device, and how you can see and operate the screen.”

SLDThe products include:

  • FlexMounts – Flex mounts use an infinitely adjustable and positionable mounting system. For mounting any tablet or phone. Comes in FlexSuction for use on glass or other smooth surface and FlexYoke for use on the yoke.
  • Sport Cradle – A universal cradle that will hold all major tablets and works with the FlexMount system.
  • ArmorGlas – Tempered glass screen protection for any iDevice and popular panel mounted avionics. Reduce risk of shattering, minimize finger prints, eliminates glare.
  • SLD – A remote Sight Line Display for iPad. The SLD puts flight information in a pilot’s line of sight; and is super bright and can be viewed in bright sun. Ideal when using an iPhone/iPod Touch to be able to see larger image in bright cockpits where convenient to see.

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