Cirrus debuts special mission aircraft

Cirrus Aircraft has introduced a “sensor-capable” special mission aircraft based on its Generation 5 SR22/SR22T aircraft. Known as the Cirrus Perception, it will be available in mid-2015.

Cirrus Aircraft Special Mission Aircraft

Cirrus Perception offers the capability and safety benefits that are available in all SR22/SR22T aircraft: the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS), Cirrus Perspective by Garmin cockpit, air conditioning, 215+ knot cruise speeds, flight into known icing (FIKI), and useful load over 1,300 pounds.

Cirrus Perception is much more than an aircraft with a camera option, company officials noted.

Features include:

The Sensor Mounting System (SMS) is designed to be removed and reconfigured in minutes.

  • Cirrus Perception will be certified under the Cirrus SR22/SR22T type certificate to carry a variety of different sensor types.
  • Customers can remove sensors, reconfigure with different sensors, or fly the airplane in a “clean” configuration with minimal regulatory requirements.
  • One airplane can fulfill multiple missions.
  • Customers can often attach a new type of sensor to their Cirrus Perception and start using it with minimal regulatory or integration hurdles to overcome.

“Cirrus’ entry into the special missions segment continues our growth plans into new and broader markets,” concluded Todd Simmons, Cirrus EVP of Sales, Marketing and Support. “When we see growth opportunities, we listen to new customers and respond with the same innovative and creative thinking inherent in all our products.”

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