It’s Turbo Time at Oshkosh

OSHKOSH — Sonex Aircraft began accepting orders on opening day of AirVenture for the AeroVee Turbo, with deliveries to commence in the fourth quarter of 2014. The AeroVee Turbo is rated as a 100-horsepower engine at sea level, and yields “significant performance enhancement” to the Sonex line of aircraft, according to company officials.

Price of the AeroVee Turbo is $10,995, and an AeroVee Turbo Upgrade package is being made available for installation with existing AeroVee engines, even those already installed and flying, at a price of $3,995.

AeroVee_Turbo_5771“The Sonex Aircraft research and development team has been working on a turbocharged AeroVee since our first installation in mid-2010. Many other projects have competed for our time but our customers were consistent in their desire to have as close to a ‘plug and play’ turbo installation as possible” said Sonex CEO Jeremy Monnett. “The package we are unveiling today … has met or exceeded our performance expectations having been run in our engine test cell from May of 2013 through March of 2014 and flown these past five months in Sonex Sport Acro N123SX. I am having am absolute blast flying it!”

A Sonex/AeroVee TurboVideo Tour was uploaded to YouTube this morning, demonstrating the performance of the Sonex with AeroVee Turbo installed.

In a Sonex Aircraft, the AeroVee Turbo will yield a rate of climb up to 1,300 fpm, and a TAS at 8,000 feet of 175 mph.


Specifications of the AeroVee Turbo and Sonex performance specifications with the AeroVee Turbo installed may be downloaded from Sonex Aircraft’s AeroConversions website

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