Sea Breezy at Oshkosh… finally

This Sea Breezy, in homebuilt aircraft, took 14 fuel stops over three days from Missouri to Oshkosh. This bird is loaded with personality. In the words of the tower controllers, “Welcome to Oshkosh.”


Throttle by Busweiser


A ship’s wheel for a yoke.


14 fuel stops over three days.


  1. says

    That does not appear to be an amphibian. Did they land on wet grass, or on water with a tow up onto grass? How will they take off? Will they use a dolly, or will the plane be pushed back into the water for departure? There is a longer story here that I’d like to hear!

  2. Paul says

    14 fuel stops? That alone would account for much of the 3 days travel time from Mizzoo to OSH to say nothing of the open air wind blasting over the length of such a trip. Must have taken a fair amount of planning and coordination for such a trip and close monitoring of the weather enroute. Looks like there’s room for two on the rear seat. Hope they make it back home safely.

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