Mahindra debuts Airvan 8 on floats at Oshkosh

Mahindra Aerospace recently added Wipline 3450 amphibious floats to its Airvan 8 aircraft.

Wipaire Inc. has begun feasibility testing on the aircraft with floats, and upon a successful outcome, a certification program will be launched later in 2014.

Wipaire AirVanThe Airvan 8 is known for its short takeoff and landing abilities and adding the amphibious floats increases the aircraft’s versatility and appeal to operators in North America, especially in remote areas such as
Alaska and Canada, company officials noted.

“We saw significant potential in adding floats to the Airvan 8 which has proved its utility across the globe, and
in particular, the United States.” said Arvind Mehra, Executive Director and Global CEO of Mahindra
Aerospace. “This addition answers a long pending request of our customers and by increasing the versatility
of the Airvan 8, we can expand into previously unreachable territories.”

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