WingX Rewind premieres at Oshkosh

OSHKOSH — During AirVenture, Hilton Software introduced WingX Rewind — a new “blackbox” technology that enables WingX Pro7 to record and playback flights on an iPad.

WingX Rewind’s data engine has the capability to record and playback any number of parameters, including GPS, AHRS, pitot/static, and ARINC 429 data, according to company officials.

WingXRewindWhen storing large amounts of flight data, compression is a key ingredient and WingX Rewind compresses the vast quantities of flight data while providing WingX Pro7 access to and playback of any portion of the flight, company officials said. For example, a 16GB iPad with all the WingX Pro7 databases loaded, including all charts and high-resolution terrain, has enough free memory for WingX Rewind to store thousands and thousands of hours of flight time, including GPS locations and AHRS (pitch and bank) being updated 10 times per second.

In playback mode, WingX Pro7 behaves as if you were there – the Synthetic Vision, Attitude Indicator, Approach Chart geo-referencing, Split-Screen, SmartTaxi and other views are updated in real-time for the ultimate flight-review realism, according to company officials.

Dr. Goldstein, CEO and founder of Hilton Software, said: “EFB apps continue to improve at an incredible pace. However, application developers have focused almost entirely on pre-flight and in-flight activities. WingX Pro7 is the first major iPad app to address the post-flight and flight review process. As a Certificated Flight Instructor I am very excited about the flight review and debrief capabilities that WingX Rewind provides to the flight instruction community and I believe WingX Rewind will fundamentally alter the nature of flight instruction.”

WingX Pro7 is available now in the Apple App Store for $74.99. A 30-day trial period is available. WingX Rewind requires a current WingX Pro7 subscription and will be a free upgrade for existing customers. WingX Pro7 with WingX Rewind is expected to be released in August.

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