Advanced Flight Systems debuts new Quick Panel System

OSHKOSH — Advanced Flight Systems (AFS) introduced the Quick Panel System, a line of complete pre-built avionics panels, at AirVenture, starting with the RV-7.

Each panel is professionally wired, configured, tested and ready to install, according to company officials. All avionics, including the aircraft’s autopilot servos, trim servos and lights are all wired to the new Advanced Control Module.

This new Advanced Control Module, the heart of the Quick Panel System, integrates circuit protection, panel dimmer controller, flap controller, trim controller, Wig-Wag controller, EFIS networking and a panel switch interface, according to company officials.

“The combination of the new Advanced Control Module and production line manufacturing techniques results in a lower cost, yet higher quality panel,” said Rob Hickman, president. “It saves the builder hundreds of hours in wiring, crimping, and troubleshooting.”

Two panels were on display at Airventure, both for the RV-7 and both at a special price of $19,995. One has the AFS AF- 5600 Touch system, and the other the Dynon SkyView D1000T Touch system. Both panels feature dual-redundant displays, COM radio, stereo intercom, transponder, ADS-B traffic and weather, ADAHRS, Angle-of-Attack, 406 MHz ELT, autopilot controls, ignition and all other switches and audio jacks. The IFR version adds an IFR GPS navigator, second ADAHRS and a Dynon EFIS-D6 as an independent backup.

Panels will soon be available for many other aircraft, company officials said.

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