Belite debuts lightweight pitot tube at AirVenture

OSHKOSH  — At this week’s AirVentureBelite Aircraft introduced an aerodynamic non-heated pitot tube designed for experimental, light sport (with manufacturer approval) and ultralight aircraft applications.

The new pitot tube is lighter than any other similar product in the market because it is manufactured out of ABS plastic and subsequently stiffened with an internal aluminum liner, according to company officials.  The unit then receives a coat of UV resistant paint.

BelitePitotWeighing in at 1.6 ounces, this new product is priced at $149.  Two mounting bases are available: One is compatible with leading edge (rounded) installations, and the other is compatible with flat installations, such as the underside of a wing. Custom mounts are also available.

The unit is not heated, and is designed for VFR use.  It does not have a static port.

The new product is shipping in August.

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