Sporty’s brings Iridium GO! to general aviation

Now pilots can stay connected to their mobile devices no matter where they are with Iridium GO!, a global mobile satellite hotspot. Iridium GO! provides service when devices are out of range of cellular networks, officials with Sporty’s Pilot Shop explain.

Stepping into the cockpit no longer means stepping “off the grid.” With this portable satellite hotspot, you can send messages and make phone calls anywhere in the world, even at 10,000 feet. Simply flip up the Iridium GO! antenna and connect your iPhone or Android phone via WiFi.

iridiumDownload the free Iridium GO! app to send and receive text messages, make phone calls and send GPS tracking updates to friends and family. Use the Iridium Mail & Web app to read and compose email messages, access social media accounts or browse the web (limited bandwidth; mobile-optimized sites only).

“Finally, general aviation pilots and their passengers have a way to stay connected in flight,” says Sporty’s Vice President John Zimmerman. “It’s also an ideal safety device, enabling a pilot to communicate and retrieve data even when they are off the cellular grid.”

Pilots will also appreciate the SOS function on Iridium GO! which can be activated to create a two-way connection with an emergency service provider, Sporty’s officials note.

The device weighs 11 ounces and fits in a shirt pocket.

When Iridium GO! is purchased, the buyer is presented with a choice of data plans, including prepaid and monthly subscriptions. Sporty’s will load the device with the subscription plan in place so when it is received, Iridium GO! is ready to use. There are no activation fees, no roaming fees and no contracts.

In cooperation with Appareo, Iridium’s distribution partner, Sporty’s is offering Iridium GO! for $875. Iridium GO! and data plans are available by calling 800-SPORTYS or at


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