New book helps aviation businesses gain altitude

Rocco Cipriano, an aviation marketing professional, has written a new book on marketing for aviation and aerospace companies. The book, “Full Throttle Aviation Marketing,” provides a review of the tools, tactics and strategies aviation and aerospace businesses can use to promote their companies.

“I felt that there was a void for a quality book on marketing that addressed the unique business characteristics of the aviation and aerospace industry,” said Cipriano. “Anyone who reads my book will be well informed on how to develop and implement an effective marketing campaign.”


Cipriano is president and founder of Aviation Marketing Consulting – a marketing agency that specializes in the aviation and aerospace business sectors.

Rocco is also the author of another book on marketing, “Branding Insights for Small Business.”

He has won numerous awards for his design and advertising work and is a graduate of Parson School of Design in New York City.

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  1. says

    In all do respect to Mr. Capriano’s well intended efforts: “you can lead a horse to water…………………………….
    That said, a better and potential “best seller” may have been; ‘ How to fly for FREE”!

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