Genesys Aerosystems surpasses 1,500 autopilot certifications

MINERAL WELLS, Texas  — Genesys Aerosystems reports it has surpassed 1,500 FAA and international Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) for its S-TEC line of autopilot systems, covering nearly every make and model of general aviation airplanes and helicopters and about half of all US autopilot certifications issued.

With more than 1,040 certifications issued for its autopilot systems since its first Model 60 single-axis system was certified on a V-35 V-tail Beechcraft Bonanza in 1980, Genesys autopilot make up 49% of all FAA autopilot certifications. Genesys also holds nearly 490 autopilot certifications from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and other regulatory bodies worldwide.

“After nearly 35 years of developing, certifying and supporting autopilot systems worldwide, it’s interesting to see how GA autopilots have evolved from relatively simple single-axis wing-levelers to today’s sophisticated three-axis Flight Director and envelope protection systems,” said Genesys Aerosystems CEO Roger Smith. “What were once considered exotic, high-end enhancements are now essential tools to improve the safety, precision and enjoyment of flying GA aircraft. We’re continuing that record of innovation with our HeliSAS helicopter stabilization systems and other digital flight control products.”

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