Eastport Municipal Airport installs AWOS

Belfort Instrument Co.has installed an AWOS AV at the Eastport Municipal Airport (EPM) in Eastport, Maine.

The Belfort Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS AV) provides pilots with Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Wind Gusts, Temperature, Humidity, Dewpoint, Altimeter Setting, Density Altitude, and Visibility.

The Eastport AWOS information will be available via VHF broadcast (122.8), telephone (207-853-0682), as well as over the internet.

“The airport is the most eastern airport in the United States, very close to the Canadian border, so the weather can be unpredictable. The new Belfort AWOS will now provide real-time weather reporting to pilots letting them know the most current local conditions. The availability of local conditions benefit the pilots and improves operational safety at the airport,” said Steve Trieber, Eastport Airport manager.

For more information: BelfortInstrument.com



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    This is really great news and will certainly have a positive impact on aviation safety in Eastern Maine. In the region east of Bangor International Airport (KBGR) there are only three AWOS systems in operation. Bangor is 80 nm west of the Canadian border, and the region is extremely remote. It is a vastly unpopulated and undeveloped area. In recent years, flights into this area came with very little weather information, even back in the day when there was an Automated Flight Service Station on the field at BGR. Having a third AWOS increases available weather data in the region by 33%. Thank you, Eastport! And yes, we will fly in for a visit soon!

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