ETC to upgrade FAA altitude simulation chambers

SOUTHAMPTON, Pa. — Environmental Tectonics Corp. has won two separate contracts for the upgrade of two altitude simulation chambers originally provided by ETC to the FAA and used for training and research at its Oklahoma City facility.

The original contracts were for the sale of two altitude simulation chambers to the FAA in 1996. The most recent contract awards will upgrade essential components in the vacuum and environmental system, and upon completion of the upgrades, the chambers will have increased operational capability and enhanced safety, according to company officials.

Altitude simulation chambers are typically utilized to provide altitude training to pilots and to create hypoxic research environments for a variety of investigational scenarios.

ETC designs, manufactures, and sells software driven products and services used to recreate and monitor the physiological effects of motion on humans, and equipment to control, modify, simulate and measure environmental conditions. Products include aircrew training systems (aeromedical, tactical combat, and general), disaster management systems, sterilizers (steam and gas), environmental testing products, hyperbaric chambers, and other products that involve similar manufacturing techniques and engineering technologies. ETC’s unique ability to offer complete systems, designed and produced to high technical standards, sets it apart from its competition.

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