Rich Suicidal Idiots



Rich, suicidal idiots — that’s what most people think about general aviation pilots. In many ways we bring these perceptions on ourselves. If we are to improve the public’s opinion of personal aviation, these are the stereotypes we need to address and, if possible, refute.

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Speak up now to protect historic flights


By HUNTER CHANEY, Collings Foundation

With the sun glinting off the polished canopy, Bud Day grasped the yellow boarding ladder of his F-100F “Hun” and proceeded to make the long climb to the cockpit. Strapping into the ejection seat, he scanned the tarmac below. He had done this countless instances before — counting down the minutes before the start of anther sortie. This time, however, he was not looking at the surroundings of Phu Cat Air Base in South Vietnam. Instead, he viewed his family and friends, all eager to see him take to the sky for one last mission. Over four decades had passed since his last combat flight in the venerable “Hun,” but as the jet engine roared to life and the aircraft taxied to the runway, “his” airplane felt like home.

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From Kiev with love: Flying the Aeroprakt LSA



With the meltdown of the Soviet Union in 1991, Ukraine gained its independence, causing private enterprise to bloom, including Kiev-based Aeroprakt company, founded the same year and bolstered by an investment by Saudi Sheik Hussein. The result was several Light-Sport Aircraft, principally the Aeroprakt A22-LS.

Designed by Yuri Yakovlev, the LSA has become so popular around the world that it is currently the only model on Aeroprakt’s production line.

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ADI: Bridging the octane gap

The test stand at Air Plains

As general aviation continues its search for an alternative to 100LL, Todd L. Petersen of Petersen Aviation says there’s a solution that’s been around for a very long time: Anti-Detonation Injection (ADI).

“It is my personal opinion that ADI can be used to operate ANY currently used aviation piston engine on lower octane fuel, and by this I mean 89 to 94 AKI,” he said. “ADI doesn’t care if it’s auto gas or avgas, so if the country went to a lower octane unleaded avgas — anything from 89 to 94, for example — ADI can be used to make up the octane deficit. Either way, ADI works, and no one can dispute that.”

Petersen made the case for ADI in a report made to the ASTM Coordinating Research Council April 30. The complete report follows:

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NJ Conference focuses on aviation’s economic impact

Huntley Lawrence, general manager of New Jersey airports for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, discusses Newark Airport from a balcony on the original terminal building overlooking the ramp on the north end of the field with well-known aviation journalist Jack Elliott.


The 17th Annual New Jersey State Aviation Conference, held May 4, focused on the economic impact of aviation, as well as how to navigate the regulatory maze if you violate a TFR.

New Jersey Department of Transportation Commissioner James Simpson delivered a keynote address on aviation economics and the role general aviation plays in the state’s development efforts. “Aviation funding is the smallest funding that we do in the state, but vitally important,” he said, noting that only $5 million to $7 million is spent on aviation out of the NJDOT’s $5 billion annual capital budget.

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The resurrection of ‘Weisse Eins’



Prologue: Luftwaffe Unteroffizier (Corporal) Heinz Orlowski was shot down Feb. 9, 1945, over Nazi-occupied Norway’s Fordefjord during an Allied raid of 32 Beaufighters, 10 Mustangs, and two search and rescue aircraft intent on destroying the German destroyer Z33 and support ships holed up in the fjord. Pitting his Focke Wulf 190F-8 “White One” against an RAF Mustang, both aircraft took hits.

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WinnAero helps kids soar to new heights

Students attending Winnaero’s ACE Academy located at Laconia Airport in Gilford, N.H., learn the fundamentals of aviation from Project Director Dan Caron.  Photo courtesy Winnaero


In just over a year, the Aviation & Aerospace Education Center at Winnipesaukee, known as WinnAero, has blossomed from being just one man’s idea into a well-organized and progressive non-profit organization.

Based at Laconia Airport (LCI) on the picturesque shores of Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire, WinnAero is the brainchild of Bill Seed, a retired attorney and self-starter who became entranced with the Iowa Children’s Museum exhibit, “Take Flight,” which spotlights the science of aviation.

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Virginia Festival of Flight smacked by storms


After a very dry and near record high average temperature in Virginia in March and on much of the East Coast, Mother Nature decided to make up for the dearth of rain with clouds, rain and storms arriving at Suffolk Executive Airport on Saturday afternoon, the first day of the Virginia Festival of Flight.

All photos by Sonja Moore

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Tuscaloosa Airshow thrills

Tuscaloosa Airshow-March 31, 2012 027


To college football fans, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, is home of the famous Crimson Tide 2011 National Champions, but to aviation enthusiasts, Tuscaloosa is rapidly becoming one of the fastest growing regional airshows in the country.

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