iCloth for grubby screens

iCloth Avionics

I know a guy who hates it – HATES IT – when anyone touches his computer screen. He’s a big guy, with a dark beard, long hair and many tattoos. Get close to his screen and you can hear the grumble starting deep down in his belly.

In today’s world of smartphones, tablets and touchscreen avionics, not touching a screen is near impossible. So what to do? [Read more…]

Airlines expect ADS-B Out ‘grace period’


Aviation Week is reporting, “U.S. airlines expect that FAA will allow a five-year “grace period” for full compliance with the agency’s 2010 mandate that carriers’ aircraft be Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) Out capable by Jan. 1, 2020.”

Airlines for America filed a “grace period” petition, but it isn’t just the industry begging for more time. Technical issues – on the FAA’s side – are cited. Despite repeated proclamations from FAA Administrator Michael Huerta that the 2020 deadline won’t be delayed, it’ll be interesting to see how this petition plays out.

Boldmethod Launches Weekly Podcast

BoldMethod's Direct To podcast logo

In the first episode of BoldMethod’s new weekly Podcast – Direct To – Aleks Udris and Colin Cutler explore the history of the transponder, and why pilots use the phrase “squawk” with ATC. They also dig into why airliners are required to use nitrogen in their tires, and if the payoff is worth the cost for general aviation aircraft. [Read more…]

Gathering attracts a crowd


ANCHORAGE – It feels like half of Alaska showed up at the FedEx Maintenance Hangar at Anchorage International on Saturday. In all the years I’ve been coming to the show, I don’t ever remember seeing the show this busy.

In addition to thousands of people, and a sold-out exhibit area, a wide variety of planes are on display inside and out. Suffice it to say, the 2015 Great Alaska Aviation Gathering is a hit.  [Read more…]

SUN ‘n FUN an absolute blast


The 41st annual SUN ‘n FUN fly-in is the books. It was hot, humid and an absolute blast. I’d say that even if I hadn’t gotten a ride on a B-25 — with four T-6s and four CJ-6s in tow —as part of a My MacDill Air Force Base support flight.

No longer just “Spring Break for Pilots,” SUN ‘n FUN is “Building a Better Future through Aviation.”

Everything the 20-person full-time team does at SUN ‘n FUN is with an eye on adding pilots to our rolls. SUN ‘n FUN is really just a big fundraiser that supports education opportunities — an effort made easier by recently retiring more than $2 million of debt over the past three years. Today, SUN ‘n FUN is debt free. [Read more…]