A niche of a niche

Dave Hensch taking off from a dolly.

Do you hold an Israeli pilot certificate? If so, are you looking to add a seaplane rating? Well, I’ve found the guy. Probably, the only guy – in the world – who can help you. How’s that for a niche market? [Read more…]

Sensing good things on the horizon

Sense and Avoid top view. Artwork from Boldmethod.

While flying, have you ever looked down to tune a radio? Check an engine or fuel gauge? Referenced your navigation chart? Chat with your passenger? Focus on something on the ground?

Well, then you aren’t seeing and avoiding to the best of your ability. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some help? Something that doesn’t cost what TCAS (traffic collision avoidance system) costs. [Read more…]

Picture of the Day: Evening Instruction


Joseph Marszal noticed the sunset over the wings of the Cessna 172P at Crystal River (KCGC). Joe and his instructor, Carlos Tamayo, had flown to Crystal River to meet with Gudi Davis about Joe’s Commercial check ride. “The 172 has round gauges and a GPS,” noted Marszal. “I also had on board the Levil Technology iLevil SW and my Samsung Tab 4 running iFlyGPS for backup. On the way back we did an intersection hold and three approaches, under the hood, to minimums.” [Read more…]