Picture of the Day: Evening Instruction


Joseph Marszal noticed the sunset over the wings of the Cessna 172P at Crystal River (KCGC). Joe and his instructor, Carlos Tamayo, had flown to Crystal River to meet with Gudi Davis about Joe’s Commercial check ride. “The 172 has round gauges and a GPS,” noted Marszal. “I also had on board the Levil Technology iLevil SW and my Samsung Tab 4 running iFlyGPS for backup. On the way back we did an intersection hold and three approaches, under the hood, to minimums.” [Read more…]

Video: Return of the Catalina


To preserve the memory of forgotten PBY Catalina Pilots of World War II, documentary filmmaker Daniel Bunker is making ‘Return of the Catalina‘.

“The film documents the restoration of a Catalina and the subsequent flight from Spain to Australia to honor the men who reconnected Australia to England after the fall of Singapore,” says Bunker. [Read more…]

Stories from the logbook

The evidence we're all connected is in the page of my logbook.

We’re all connected…somehow. A July 1987 entry in my logbook proves it.

I was barely 17 years old and had flown our 1946 J-3 Cub on July 17 from our airpark home – Shady Acres – to the annual Arlington Fly-In. My logbook notes, “massive headwinds, heavy x-wind when landing.” At this point, I was still a student pilot, and was signed off for the 70-mile cross country flight two days before. [Read more…]