FltPlan adds Velocity Weather by Baron Services News Release

FltPlan now offers Velocity Weather by Baron. The enhanced features include United States and Canadian radar, visible and Infrared (IR) Satellite, Surface Analysis and Echo Tops.

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Aircraft Spruce contest winner to ride with Aeroshell Aerobatic Team

Are you going to SUN ‘n FUN? Want a chance to win a ride with the Aeroshell Aerobatic Team? You’re in luck. Swing by the Aircraft Spruce & Specialty contest page, sign-up, like Aircraft Spruce on Facebook and get ready for the ride of a lifetime… if you win.

Maybe we aren’t as old as we think

If I told you 25-29 year olds with a third class medical were the largest segment of aviators, would you believe me? Thankfully, you don’t have to take my word for it. Download the 2012 Aerospace Medical Certification Statistical Handbook for a little light reading.

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Video: ‘Scariest take off I’ve ever seen’

Using an airplane to trim the tops of trees is a bad idea. FlightChops posted this video to his YouTube channel in an effort to learn from the mistake of another. Fortunately a narrow gap just to the left of centerline allowed a little extra space. Too bad it was needed. See the video below or on YouTube.

Link: ‘Crashing a Belite Airplane’

James Wiebe, owner of Belite Aircraft, has an opinion. He’s one of the more transparent people I’ve met. It doesn’t surprise me he wrote about the accident of a Belite UltraCub on his website. The details of this stall/spin accident, in which the pilot survived, is eye-opening.

Video: Astronaut Charlie Duke drops a hammer… on the moon

Astronaut Charlie Duke, while driving a core tube into the lunar surface, drops a hammer he is using. I know I’ve dropped a tool from time-to-time, but this puts my… oops, in perspective.

Danbury spins off Titan Aircraft Engines unit

Danbury Aerospace has spun off their “completed engine business” into a new and separate company. Titan Aircraft Engines based in San Antonio is moving into its own facility and staffing up to meet current and expected demand.

“It’s time that we facilitate the recent demand we have seen in our completed engine business with adequate facilities and staffing to meet that demand,” said Ty Stoller, President at Danbury Aerospace.

In early 2013 ECi, the distribution arm of Danbury, started assembling and testing engines for their kit customers. Cub Crafters, Vertical Aviation and other OEMs signed on.

Danbury Aerospace has hired Kevin Eldredge to lead the new business to focus on customer service, branding of Titan, and expanding the product offering for the home-built and LSA marketplace. “It is very exciting to join the Danbury Team and be given such a great opportunity to use my experience building businesses as well as serving the aircraft industry that I am so passionate about,” noted Eldredge. “I know that my love for flying and building so many of the aircraft Titan serves will quickly reveal itself in the engine and services we will offer.”

FAA busting drone myths

Busting Myths about the FAA and Unmanned Aircraft” can be found on the FAA’s website. Seven myths in all are touted, then rebutted by “Fact”. For example: Myth #2: Commercial UAS flights are OK if I’m over private property and stay below 400 feet. In this fast moving segment, it is worth the read. Thank you Droneport.com for the link.

Great Minnesota Aviation Gathering to take off in March

Billed as, “a new dawn for Minnesota Aviation,” the Great Minnesota Aviation Gathering (GMAG) will take place March 21-22 at the Golden Wings Museum at the Anoka County-Blaine Airport (ANE). This first gathering, organized by the Minnesota Pilots Association (MPA), will surely start small, but look to grow. Planners expect 30 vendors, will host FAA Safety Seminars, various forums and fellowship. More information is available on the MPA websiteFacebook Page or via 612-231-2153.

Book: Do you enjoy trivia?

Are you a trivia fiend? If so, “The Smithsonian Book of Air & Space Trivia” might be just the ticket. The book teaches the history of aviation and space by asking and answering loads of questions. For example:

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