Unintended consequences

What happens when government policies and regulations intervene in the natural selection process of the business jungle?

One of the hot terms in the security industry is continuity. I read plenty about continuity of business. That’s a charged subject because continuity programs reach into every nook and cranny of a business. I also keep up as best I can with continuity of government. That’s a fairly shadowy subject that reaches back into the Cold War and further. But continuity of industry has yet to be discussed openly, and certainly not the continuity of the general aviation industry. Why?

General aviation is one of the few industries of the United States where exports continue to exceed imports. [Read more…]

TSA comment period closes March 1

Do you know about 49 CFR 1552? This regulation deals with alien flight training and flight school security awareness training and is one of the few federal security regulations that the U.S. Transportation Security Administration requires compliance from general aviation. Are you interested in submitting your comments to the TSA and the Office of Management and Budget concerning this training? Now’s your chance.

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Is it security or bureaucracy?

Security results in action. Bureaucracy results in more bureaucracy.

There is no group of people better qualified to discuss action and response than pilots. From our first day of flying training our flight instructors teach us not to take an action for granted. Flip a switch, look for an action. Make a control input, ensure you get the desired response.

Security is the same. It’s action-based, not paperwork-based. [Read more…]