Taking the hassle out of flying

For many years I’ve maintained that the business executive who can afford a single or light twin airplane doesn’t get involved in flying for a couple of reasons.

First is time. Many of these individuals started learning to fly or actually got their certificates as young people. As their businesses grew or they advanced in their professions, the time to fly got less and less. Finally many just quit.

One day they reached a point when time – and finances – became available to return to flying. They realized an airplane could be a time machine, allowing them to see more clients or better enjoy their free time, so they went to the local airport to take up flying once again.

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Ask Dave: What’s the best way to keep drivers off our airpark’s runway?

Q: We’ve been having trouble at our airpark with delivery truck drivers, as well as individuals, driving down the runway when looking for someone’s house or just plain lost.

We’ve put up signs and we’ve asked all our fly-in community residents to warn their friends about keeping to the correct streets and to be careful so they don’t get onto the runway. Unfortunately, it keeps happening. We haven’t had any accidents yet, but some of us are really worried it can happen. Got any good ideas?

A: Your airpark isn’t alone in this problem. Drivers of cars and trucks getting confused and ending up on the runway when they mean to go down a street or taxiway aren’t at all uncommon.

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An airpark for everone: Upgrades to Liwing With Plane website highlight the variety of fly-in communities

We’ve been working for quite a while now developing an upgrade to the Living With Your Plane website. It’s not ready yet, but we’re getting a lot closer.

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Demand still high for airparks

I’ve been working pretty consistently in recent days cleaning up our residential airpark directory, Living With Your Plane.

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Survivor: AirVenture

Well, I survived one more Oshkosh experience!

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The FAA propaganda machine: Has you local newspaper fallen victim?

If you had any doubts as to whether the FAA was going to mount a full-scale attempt to secure increased general aviation funding for the Next Generation Air Traffic Control system, let me make it very clear: they are in full attack mode.

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Bigger than life: The world needs more characters like John Thun

My wife and I were cleaning out some boxes stuffed with old photos when we came across some pictures of the late John Thun. The pictures really set my mind whirling as I thought about this bigger-than-life character from the Tacoma, Wash., area, where we have made our home since 1970.

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Overcrowded skies, too few controllers? The same story has been told countless times over the years

I wonder how many times in the years since I earned my pilot certificate in 1969 I’ve read an article — in a non-aviation newspaper — about the crisis that will occur in the coming crowded skies and the absence of an adequate number of air traffic controllers to handle all of those aircraft.

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Curious about airparks? Our expert tackles the frequently asked questions

For three decades I’ve been tracking residential airparks all over the United States and, to some extent, around the globe.

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On the mend: Changes in medicals a step in the right direction

Do you believe me when I write that among the top publications I receive, the Federal Air Surgeon’s Medical Bulletin is not one of those that regularly receive high priority?

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