Taking the hassle out of flying

For many years I’ve maintained that the business executive who can afford a single or light twin airplane doesn’t get involved in flying for a couple of reasons.

First is time. Many of these individuals started learning to fly or actually got their certificates as young people. As their businesses grew or they advanced in their professions, the time to fly got less and less. Finally many just quit.

One day they reached a point when time – and finances – became available to return to flying. They realized an airplane could be a time machine, allowing them to see more clients or better enjoy their free time, so they went to the local airport to take up flying once again.

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Ask Dave: What’s the best way to keep drivers off our airpark’s runway?


Q: We’ve been having trouble at our airpark with delivery truck drivers, as well as individuals, driving down the runway when looking for someone’s house or just plain lost.

We’ve put up signs and we’ve asked all our fly-in community residents to warn their friends about keeping to the correct streets and to be careful so they don’t get onto the runway. Unfortunately, it keeps happening. We haven’t had any accidents yet, but some of us are really worried it can happen. Got any good ideas?

A: Your airpark isn’t alone in this problem. Drivers of cars and trucks getting confused and ending up on the runway when they mean to go down a street or taxiway aren’t at all uncommon.

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