Zero to solo in one week

Three people with no aviation experience will be put through six days of intensive training, preparing them to be ready to conduct a supervised solo flight at the end of one week. That’s the goal of “One Week Ready to Solo.” The program, launched at SUN ‘n FUN, is a collaborative effort of Redbird Flight Simulations, the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), Jeppesen, Sporty’s, Garmin, LightSpeed, and SUN ‘N FUN.

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Picture of the Day: At Herman the German’s

Herman the German

“The picture was taken by my brother in the spring of 1961. We flew out of Fairbanks to a place called Herman the German’s at Beaver Creek,” says Ken Kellogg. “Herman was a trapper on Beaver Creek and my brother flew supplies to him throughout the year. Herman had a shortwave radio and he would call Fairbanks when he needed supplies. My brother flew for a small bush operator out of Fairbanks called Frontier Flying Service.” [Read more…]