Rare B-24 to highlight World War II Heritage Days at KFFC

CAF B-24 Diamond Lil. (Photo by Scott Slocum)

PEACHTREE CITY, Ga. – A rare 1940s B-24 Liberator bomber will highlight this year’s World War II Heritage Days, hosted by the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) Dixie Wing on April 18-19.

The CAF’s B-24, “Diamond Lil,” one of only two still flying, will be on display at Atlanta Regional Airport-Falcon Field (KFFC) in Peachtree City for the event. Rides will also be available in the B-24,  which is the same type of aircraft featured in the recent hit movie “Unbroken.” [Read more…]

VFR Flight Handbook updated


The University Aviation Press title, VFR Flight Handbook — previously titled Notes on Flying VFR — has been revised to include additional and updated information, including new aircraft drawings, a reference to computer planning and flight support, several updates to federal aviation regulations, accident statistics, and two new appendices containing a weather element conversion table and a wind conversion chart. [Read more…]

Last flight of a seaplane legend


Pulling up to his ramp in back of a Piper two summers ago, the front-seater asked if the energetic kid who had raced up to pull the floats onto the slippery wood could be trusted around the prop. That “kid” was 92-year-old Bill Brooks, looking and acting youthful as a seaplaner.

I convinced the pilot his seaplane was in good hands. Although Bill’s trouble in renewing his medical certificate forced him from the cockpit of his Beaver and Cessna 206 in his early 90s, he still showed up for work everyday with his faithful dock-dog at his side. [Read more…]