NTSB issues four safety alerts for GA

The NTSB recently issued four safety alerts for general aviation pilots and mechanics: Mastering Mountain Flying, Understanding Flight Experience (A rating alone cannot ensure safety: Training is key); Pilots: Perform Advanced Preflight After Maintenance; and Mechanics: Prevent Misrigging Mistakes.

Each of the alerts, in PDF, includes an outline of the problem, summarizes related incidents and accidents, then lays out what the mechanic or pilot can do to avoid the problem.

The joy of seaplanes

Why fly seaplanes: fishing with kids is a great excuse! Photo by Mike Kincaid.


Contrary to what some of the younger pilots I examine for the Single-Engine-Sea rating might think, I didn’t begin flying when seaplanes were first introduced.

That honor goes to a Frenchman named Henri Fabre, who lifted off from the water in Southern France in 1908 (Glenn Curtiss began seaplane flights later that year in the U.S.). It was actually 70 years later that I earned my seaplane rating at Anchorage’s Lake Hood.

In those almost 37 years of seaplaning, both for work and play, I’ve come to appreciate this unique segment of aviation so much that I think it’s the best way to travel — by air or water. [Read more…]