Downhill runway, distraction bad for new Aztec pilot

The flight was to be the private pilot’s first multiengine lesson in the Piper Aztec originating out of Hillsboro, Ore. Both the student receiving instruction and the MEI performed an uneventful preflight check and run-up, which included a check of the brakes and the security of the cabin door. During the takeoff roll, the cabin door opened. [Read more…]

Bellanca hits power line

The student pilot, who had logged 24 hours, including eight in the Bellanca Viking, accompanied by a passenger, took off at night from Plainview, Texas, although as a student pilot, flight with a passenger was prohibited. [Read more…]

Nosewheel failure for Cessna

The student pilot was practicing touch and goes in a Cessna 152 in College Station, Texas. The first two were normal. During the third landing, the airplane touched down on the main landing gear, and, as the pilot brought the nose down, the nosewheel collapsed. [Read more…]