Low pass results in crash

According to the passenger, the pilot of the Super Cub was making a second low pass over friends just before the accident in Sterling, Alaska. Witnesses reported seeing the airplane flying very slowly, about 300 feet above the ground, with the engine at a low power setting. [Read more…]

Type Club celebrates the Cessna 195

C195 in flight

“You should see all the Cessna 195s!”

You hear this all the time at AirVenture when someone comes back from Vintage Aircraft Parking. Often, there are rows and rows of the high-wing taildraggers with their distinctive bumped cowls.

It’s not unusual to find multi-generational families of C195 owners camped beneath the wings of their airplanes, ready to tell you the story of the vintage machine and extol its virtues. Many will tell you they are not the owners of the airplane — they are merely its caretaker for the time being.

And don’t be surprised if you are invited to join the Cessna 195 Type Club when you visit. [Read more…]

Porpoise catches pilot by surprise

The pilot of a Mooney M20J was attempting to land in Warsaw, Indiana. He told investigators that during the downwind leg of the traffic pattern he did not compensate for winds pushing the airplane toward the runway and, as a result, he overshot the turn to final. The Mooney was not aligned with the runway when it hit the ground hard and bounced. [Read more…]

Carb ice blamed for off-airport landing

The student pilot was on his first solo cross-country flight in a Cessna 150 near Matlock, Wash., when the weather started to deteriorate. He descended to a lower altitude to avoid clouds and proceeded toward the nearest airport.

When he tried to level off at the lower altitude, the airplane continued to descend at a rate of about 700 feet per minute. He applied full engine power, but the engine did not respond and the airplane continued to descend. [Read more…]

Accidental trim activation leads to accident

The private pilot and a CFI were on an instructional flight in a Cessna 172 near Peoria, Illinois. The airplane was equipped with an electric trim activation switch on the yoke.

According to the private pilot, during the takeoff shortly after rotation, the nose pitched downward and the plane bounced on the runway. The CFI took control of the airplane and attempted to abort the takeoff, but the plane bounced several more times before the nosewheel collapsed and the airplane slid to a stop. [Read more…]