Warbird Roundup: More than the temperature sizzled

By Frederick A. Johnsen

Story and Photos By FREDERICK A. JOHNSEN

Attendees of this year’s Warbird Roundup in Nampa, Idaho, held June 27-28, benefited from the combination of craftsmanship, technology, and deep pockets that has breathed life into warbirds once thought impossible to see flying. Two classic and scarce razorback P-51 Mustangs went aloft at the same time, a feat unimaginable just a generation ago. [Read more…]

Why the P-51 is still the most beloved airplane at the air show

Red Nose.(Photo by John Willhoff)

Globalair.com blogger Sarina Houston’s latest post is about the venerable P-51, which she claims is the most beloved airplane at any air show. “Whether you know the history of the airplane or not, the Mustang is an airplane that stops you in your tracks. Its beauty captivates you, lures you in, and makes you want to hear its story. And it’s a story worth repeating, air show after air show,” she says. Read it here, then let us know: Do you agree? What’s your favorite airplane at an air show?