The Right Stuff for a post-SUN ‘n FUN trip


SUN ‘n FUN is coming up soon. If you are heading to the show in Lakeland, Florida, what else can you do while you’re in Florida? Of course, there’s always Disney World, but why not see the hub of America’s space program, the Kennedy Space Center?

Granted, it ain’t cheap and without advance planning, you could be disappointed. But its “Up Close Tours” are a unique opportunity to see America’s aerospace heritage. And its display of Space Shuttle Atlantis is second-to-none.

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Do you have a favorite destination?

In our January print issues, we’re going to focus on Destinations, including trips to Washington, D.C., the Caribbean, Austin, Texas, and more. We’d like to hear from you as to where your favorite destinations are when you take to the skies.

Share with us your favorite locales, what airport (or airports) you fly into, and near-by attractions that are a “must-see” for GA pilots. If you’ve got any tips on flying into the airport, where to get deals, or best way to plan that epic journey, please share them as well.

Feel free to include photos! We’ll print as many as we can in the January issue.

You can add your comments below or send them, plus your photos, to

Pilot offers advice on Alaska flying

Will Johnson 3

Air charter company owner Will Johnson built a successful business over the past three decades flying tourists, hunters and fishermen around Alaska. And, in the process, the 20,000-hour pilot, who operates Yute Air Taxi in Fairbanks, has had plenty of time to formulate advice for aviators contemplating their first trip to his home state.

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A safe place to go

Current Island, Eleuthera in the Bahamas is a little bit nicer, thanks to the generosity of pilots. Zion Children’s Home dedicated two homes, June 23, that can accommodate sixteen abused or neglected boys and girls. Volunteer pilots from Bahamas Habitat  over a two-and-one-half year period, “flew about 25 aircraft loads of supplies to the islands.” AOPA’s Alyssa Miller wrote a nice story which is posted on the AOPA website. This is the kind of cause we need to share with our non-pilot friends.