A safe place to go

Current Island, Eleuthera in the Bahamas is a little bit nicer, thanks to the generosity of pilots. Zion Children’s Home dedicated two homes, June 23, that can accommodate sixteen abused or neglected boys and girls. Volunteer pilots from Bahamas Habitat  over a two-and-one-half year period, “flew about 25 aircraft loads of supplies to the islands.” AOPA’s Alyssa Miller wrote a nice story which is posted on the AOPA website. This is the kind of cause we need to share with our non-pilot friends.

What’s your favorite destination?

Where are the best places to fly? We’re asking our readers to share their favorite destinations in our next print issue. Don’t just tell us where you fly, but why it’s your favorite. What makes it special? When is the best time to go? Any advice for pilots who have never been before? Tips on the area airports, access to local transportation, local amenities or “must-see” sites are welcome.

And don’t forget to send in photos of your adventures. Who knows? You may find them printed in our June 7 issue! Please note that for print we need high resolution photos.

Send comments and photos to janice@generalaviationnews.com. Please put Destinations in the subject line. If you’d prefer, you can add your comments below.

Sky Trail takes tourism sky high

One of the world’’s largest archaeological sites — General Patton’s World War II Desert Training Center — is now viewable in its full grandeur thanks to an innovation in air tourism.

The site covers 19,000 square miles of mostly empty desert between LA and Las Vegas. Though chock-full of artifacts and history, it’s almost impossible to comprehend at eye level because of the remoteness and vast scale. Santa Barbara pilot Larry Dighera, [Read more…]

Bahamas Pilot Challenge takes off

A new Bahamas Pilot Challenge has been launched for 2012-2013, drawing general aviation pilots to more of the many islands of the Bahamas starting just 50-60 miles off the Florida coast.

Pilots who document landings at 12 of the 20 Bahamas airports of entry before Nov. 30, 2013, will be eligible to win a total of 23 hotel nights at top resorts on various islands.

[Read more…]