406 ELT requirement waived by Dominican Republic and Cayman Islands

Caribbean Flying Adventures (CFA) has collaborated with civil aviation authorities in the Dominican Republic and The Caymans Islands to obtain a waiver from the 406 ELT requirement. The Dominican Republic waiver is indefinite. The Cayman Islands waiver is valid through Dec. 1, 2013, but will almost certainly be extended, according to CFA officials, who said they will work to ensure this happens.

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Destination…Bahamas June 2

Northeast Florida Regional Airport will host the 2nd annual Destination…Bahamas Air and Sea Expo June 2. The free event is designed to highlight the ease of travel to the Islands of the Bahamas for general aviation pilots, as well as others.

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Upgrades continue at MAO

MAO attracts a lot of different aircraft, such as this Grumman Goose.


A growing list of improvements, a reputation for pilot friendly service, and competitive fuel prices are helping to make South Carolina’s Marion County Airport (MAO) a popular stopover for East Coast flyers.

Airport manager Margaret Pittman notes the air field is in the second phase of a $500,000 project to upgrade infrastructure and improve facilities.

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BLM: ‘We had no idea recreational aviation even existed’

The Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF) is calling on all pilots to write to the Colorado River Valley field office of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to impress upon field officer managers how important back country airstrips are to all pilots. RAF organizers impress the need for all general aviation pilots (not just those in Colorado) to speak up.

As luck would have it, RAF supporter Hap Pool of Vail, CO, just happened to see a draft Resource Management Plan (RMP) for the Colorado River Valley and request for public comment. From an email to RAF followers: “The draft RMP makes no reference to the airstrips located on BLM land within the planning area. The BLM told Hap that they had no idea that recreational aviation even existed. This planning process began in 2008 with scoping meetings, but pilots in the area did not know about it due to lack of BLM notification to the aviation community. Now the only option to gain aviation input into the planning process is to suggest specific language that addresses aviation issues. The RAF and the Colorado Pilots Association (CPA) drafted wording changes and each organization will submit comments to the BLM. The RAF comments comprise eight pages of background information and detailed wording changes to the draft RMP.”

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Around the world with Air Journey


It is the dream of many pilots to fly around the world. But the task of planning such a trip is overwhelming, even for the most seasoned aviator.

Just the thought of dealing with landing permits, customs and immigration, and navigating across the oceans can make a pilot hesitate in deciding to make this epic journey — then add in making hotel arrangements, dealing with possible medical emergencies, and all the other things that can happen. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could leave all the details to someone else so all you had to do is concentrate on flying your own airplane?

You can, thanks to Air Journey, a company founded more than 10 years ago by Thierry Pouille (tee-airy poo-ee), who settled in Jupiter, Florida, after moving to the U.S. from France.

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