Are you forgetting these preflight tasks? blogger Sarina Houston’s latest post about preflight tasks notes that general aviation pilots going on a familiar flights often do a preflight that’s “quick and dirty,” sometimes including only a brief check of weather and a quick walk-around of the aircraft. But there are required items in a preflight — familiar with the acronym NWKRAFT? – that all pilots must do before taking off. Check out the post here.

A type club for the light-sport crowd


You don’t need to own a vintage airplane to benefit from a type club or aircraft owners group. The owners of Flight Design CTs have one of the most active owners associations in existence — not bad for an airplane that arrived in the United States on the first wave of the Light-Sport Aircraft (LSA) rule created in 2004. [Read more…]

Hangars for sale at KGEU

One of the larger hangars for sale.

Last month the Super Bowl brought more than airplanes to Arizona’s Glendale Municipal Airport (KGEU) — it also brought potential buyers for property located on the airport. At least that’s the hope of Brian Hufft, chief financial officer of Glendale Hangars.

Glendale Hangars is selling 103 hangars, along with a number of shade rows and 11 acres of open land for development on the south end of the airport, which is about 30 miles northwest of downtown Phoenix, Hufft explains. [Read more…]