First flight: Belite Sealite

Belite SeaLiteWeb

WICHITA — On the 110th anniversary of the Wright brother’s first powered flight, Belite completed the successful first test flight of its new aircraft, the Belite SeaLite.

The SeaLite is an amphibious, carbon fiber float-equipped aircraft, designed to legally fly under U.S. FAR 103 regulations off of either water or land.

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Carter Aviation holds first public flight demonstration


WICHITA FALLS, Texas — For the first time, officials with Carter Aviation Technologies recently left their flight test center at Olney Airport and flew cross country to a welcoming crowd of hundreds at Kickapoo Airport in Wichita Falls, Texas.

“This is the first time we have left Olney and the first time we’ve conducted a public flight demonstration of this nature,” explained Jay Carter. “After we broke the Mu-1 barrier for a second and third time with our second generation Slowed Rotor/Compound [SR/C] prototype, we wanted to get the aircraft in front of the folks of Wichita Falls who have been so supportive over the years.”

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