The father of electric-powered flight

ElectraFlyer ULS -0937

“When I want something for myself, I make it a project.”

That’s how Randall Fishman, a retired jeweler from New Jersey, explains his entry into the world of electric-powered flight. His journey began in the late 1970s when he was flying ultralights and working at a jewelry store.

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Forward momentum


Transitioning from flying a Cessna 152 to an RV-7 is a lot like learning to drive in the family station wagon, then getting a Porsche. You can’t help but envy the guys who get to do it. Scott Sundstrom from Friendswood, Texas, had that very experience just in time for last summer’s AirVenture. Scott, accompanied by his father Steven, made the trip to the annual show in the RV-7 they’d just finished building.

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