KN51 in the middle of a tug of war


How would you feel if the local government was trying to acquire property that had been in your family since 1939 — whether you wanted them to or not?

That is the situation facing the Solberg family in Readington Township, in central New Jersey. They own 726 acres, which includes Solberg-Hunterdon Airport (KN51). The family will spend a good part of the summer in court fighting the township’s attempts to acquire their property through eminent domain. Eminent domain is the government’s power to take private property for public use.

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Washington Airport Investment Study ‘solutions phase’ kicks off

Washington state’s Airport Investment Study is now in its second phase to identify potential solutions to meet Washington’s aviation system needs. The study’s advisory committee recommended that the Washington State Department of Transportation initiate this second “Solutions Phase” after the first phase revealed funding gaps.

The first phase of the study found that the state’s 134 public-use airports will need $3.6 billion in projects during the next 20 years. WSDOT’s Airport Aid Program provides an average of $1.1 million in state airport grants per year. During the 20-year study period the state grant program is forecasted to average $1.4 million per year. WSDOT estimates an average of $12 million per year is needed to meet the state’s portion of the overall $3.6 billion in project needs.

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E55 turns to crowdsourcing to raise funds for improvements

In its continuing fight to save Ocean Ridge Airport (E55) near Gualala, Calif., the Bower family has launched a campaign on Smallknot, an online crowdsourcing site for small businesses. According to a report on AVweb, the family needs to raise $60,000 to put an asphalt slurry coating on the runway. The California Department of Transportation has ordered that the crumbling runway be fixed.