What does a cracked cylinder look like?


The flurry of news reporting related to the NPRM and recently proposed AD on TITAN 520/550 style cylinder heads has created a case of “Crack Confusion,” according to officials at Engine Components International (ECi). That’s why they put together a page with photos of the most common cracks. Officials note that a “picture speaks a thousand words…and words can be confusing.” Check it out here.


Shell Aviation remembers the past, with an eye to the future


Shell Aviation recently supplied the engine oils for a memorial flight that recreated an important aviation event that Shell did the same for 100 years ago.

A historic Catalina seaplane landed on Sunday having replicated the 1913 Circuit of Britain, which was the first major competition for seaplanes. The common aviation engine oil in 1913 was a simple castor oil. This time, the Catalina used AeroShell100.

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Proposed AD could have devastating effect on GA

WASHINGTON, D.C. — From the 1940s to the 1970s, Max Karant was a senior vice president of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) who tirelessly and fearlessly fought for the interests of GA. Even though he frequently was blunt and sometimes vicious in his discussions with — and about — the FAA, most people respected him. In fact, on one occasion, an FAA official told me, “we weren’t always right, but he made us be right.”

On one of the lighter occasions, Max asked an FAA official how he got ideas for proposing and writing regulations. “Well,” replied the official, “I’m sitting in my office and I hear a booming voice say ‘write a rule.’ I say ‘yes sir, good or bad? And the voice replies ‘BAD.’”

That friendly exchange was good for a few moments of laughter, but the latest proposal from the FAA might have more serious consequences. That booming voice undoubtedly said BAD.

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