The father of electric-powered flight

ElectraFlyer ULS -0937

“When I want something for myself, I make it a project.”

That’s how Randall Fishman, a retired jeweler from New Jersey, explains his entry into the world of electric-powered flight. His journey began in the late 1970s when he was flying ultralights and working at a jewelry store.

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What are the best options for overhaul?

Q: My question seeks your advice about an overhaul on our Lycoming O-320-H2AD. As background, we have a 1980 C172N that’s been owned since new. It’s always been hangared, never been a flying club or training airplane, is not used for commercial purposes, and has 2,420 TTAFE tach time.

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Next series of UL 91 unleaded avgas approvals revealed by Lycoming

Lycoming Engines released Service Instruction SI-1070R in April 2012, which approved a wide variety of engines for use with ASTM D7547 UL 91 unleaded avgas. This week, the company reports that Service Instruction SI-1070S has been approved for release, adding 31 engines to the list of models approved for use on UL 91 unleaded avgas, bringing the total number approved to 63.

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