FAA funding up in the air

The unfinished debate over highway funding in Congress is likely to ground hopes for passing a new funding bill for the FAA, according to a report from The Hill.

The FAA bill is scheduled to expire Sept. 30. But Congress is expected to return its focus on highways upon returning to Washington next month, because lawmakers punted debate on a long-term surface transportation-funding bill into October before leaving for their August recess.

Aviation advocates worry that this means aviation will get the short end of the stick when lawmakers return to Washington, according to the report.


Wildlife strike reporting on the rise

Wildlife strike reporting for both commercial and general aviation airports continues to increase, according to a new report by wildlife expert Dr. Richard A. Dolbeer.

At the request of the FAA, Dolbeer recently published the wildlife report, which shows that 47% of the wildlife strikes that occurred from 2009 to 2013 were reported to the FAA’s National Wildlife Strike Database. That number is up from 42% for the previous reporting period of 2004 to 2008. [Read more…]

FAA extends SoCal Metroplex comment period

The FAA is extending the public comment period for its Draft Environmental Assessment (EA) of the Southern California Metroplex project to Sept. 8, 2015, to allow for a full 90 days of comment.

The project is a comprehensive proposal to improve the flow of air traffic into and out of Southern California. It proposes to replace dozens of existing conventional air traffic procedures with new satellite-based procedures, which are a key component of the FAA’s Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen). [Read more…]