iFlightPlanner integrates real estate with flight planning


iFlightPlanner has incorporated Hangar Network’s real estate data into its flight planning tools.

Now hangars and airport properties that are for sale, lease or available as transient space are viewable as an interactive layer in all of iFlightPlanner’s web-based mapping interfaces.

An industry first, these new tools allow pilots to see all the space available at airports along their route of flight, according to iFlightPlanner officials. [Read more…]

FAA agrees to work with GA on charts

The FAA has agreed to work with officials from the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, as well as other GA stakeholders, regarding the future of world aeronautical charts (WACs).

The decision follows an earlier announcement that the agency would stop producing the charts later this year. FAA officials claim publishing the WACs has become cost-prohibitive as more and more pilots move to digital flight planning. [Read more…]

Jeppesen simplifies Mobile FliteDeck IFR subscriptions

At this year’s AirVenture,  Jeppesen introduced a new structure for Mobile FliteDeck data subscriptions, to simplify the flying experience for general aviation pilots.

Pilots using Mobile FliteDeck on iPad now have 10 global coverage options for IFR navigation data services offered at a lower price point, including full U.S. coverage available for a $299 annual subscription.

[Read more…]