Iconic seaplane to star in Hollywood movie


“What is that?”

My student and I were on downwind to Runway 16 at Pierce County/Thun Field (KPLU) in Puyallup, Wash., when he uttered this phrase. “It looks like something out of World War II!” he exclaimed as we saw the high-wing boat-hulled aircraft make its final approach.

And he is right. The “that” in question is a 1945 PBY, an amphibious Patrol Bomber (the PB) built by Consolidated Aircraft. During their military service, many of the PBYs were used for patrol and to rescue sailors and aviators from the ocean. Many were kept in the military until the 1980s, then released to become water bombers for fire fighting.

This particular PBY belongs to Bud Rude of Spanaway, Wash., and it’s set to star in a movie with Nicolas Cage about the rescue of sailors from the USS Indianapolis during World War II. [Read more…]

Gathering attracts a crowd


ANCHORAGE – It feels like half of Alaska showed up at the FedEx Maintenance Hangar at Anchorage International on Saturday. In all the years I’ve been coming to the show, I don’t ever remember seeing the show this busy.

In addition to thousands of people, and a sold-out exhibit area, a wide variety of planes are on display inside and out. Suffice it to say, the 2015 Great Alaska Aviation Gathering is a hit.  [Read more…]

SUN ‘n FUN Career Fair deemed a success

Officials with JSfirm.com reported that the second annual SUN ‘n FUN Career Fair held April 22 at the Florida Air Museum during the SUN ‘n FUN Fly-In was a success.

Recruiters from 15 companies were on hand to speak with the more than 500 pre-registered job seekers about career opportunities ranging from pilots and flight operations to maintenance, avionics and engineers.

In addition to sponsoring the fly-in, the aviation employment website contributed time and resources to the marketing and promotion of the Career Fair.

Robb Williams, executive director of Aerospace Center for Excellence, said, “Partnerships like the one we have created with JSfirm.com is helping address the critical shortage of aviation professionals.”

“I believe in giving back to the aviation community,” he added. “I am proud to partner with JSfirm.com to create a cost-effective Career Fair and the opportunity to see what everyone loves, an airshow. ”

Sam Scanlon, managing partner of JSfirm.com, was on site for the event.

“It was great to see the efforts of everyone involved come together,” he said. “The Career Fair was a success because both SUN ‘n FUN and JSfirm.com share in their passion to educate and promote aviation through opportunities like this.”

A job seeker who attended the Career Fair said, “It was a unique chance to attend a great aviation event and also meet with airline reps; two birds with one stone! After a formal meet and greet in the morning, I was invited back later in the day for an interview.”