Drone restrictions supported by majority of Americans


While GA pilots have varied opinions about remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) — also known as drones or Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) — a new survey by FindLaw.com finds that an overwhelming majority of Americans say they support restrictions on the use of drones as they become more commonplace.

The FindLaw.com survey says 78 percent of Americans support at least some restrictions on the use of drones by businesses. [Read more…]

Carburetor malfunction cited in Harrison Ford’s accident

A report on AVweb notes that a carburetor malfunction led to the loss of engine power in the Ryan PT-22 flown by Harrison Ford when he made a forced landing in March. The NTSB also cited faulty shoulder harness hardware that contributed to Ford’s injuries. The actor and pilot was hospitalized after the accident, which occurred March 5 after taking off from Santa Monica Airport. Shortly after departing Runway 21, he reported mechanical problems to ATC and asked to turn back. He made a left turn back to the field, but struck a tree and the Ryan landed on its belly on a golf course, sustaining heavy damage.