Kansas senator to host aviation roundtable

SALINA, Kansas — Senator Jerry Moran (R-Kan.), a member of the Commerce Subcommittee on Aviation Operations, Safety, and Security, will host an aviation roundtable to discuss a number of Kansas aviation priorities for 2015, at 10:30 a.m., Feb. 9 at the Kansas State University Salina College Center.

The roundtable will also include U.S. Senator Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) and representatives from the Kansas Association of Airports, the FAA, the American Association of Airport Executives, the Salina Airport Authority, the City of Salina, Kansas State University Salina Aviation students, as well as Kansas Department of Transportation Secretary Mike King.

Aviation’s doomsday preppers

In a new post at the Air Facts Journal, blogger John Zimmerman strikes back at may be one of the biggest threats to GA: Ourselves. He notes that “roughly 20% of Americans think the world will end in their lifetime. That seems awfully pessimistic, but these doomsday preppers have nothing on pilots. Based on a number of recent conversations and comments from readers here at Air Facts, a solid majority believe general aviation will end in their lifetimes. Not get weaker — cease to exist.”

Check it out here, then let us know what you think. Is he, as he says, just a “a young whippersnapper by aviation standards” or is he right?