SMO vote disappointing to GA advocates

A city sponsored ballot initiative — Measure LC — has passed in Santa Monica, Calif., leaving the future of Santa Monica Municipal Airport (SMO) in the hands of the City Council.

The measure passed with 59% of voters saying “yes” with 90% of precincts reporting Tuesday. At the same time, voters rejected a separate measure — Measure D — that would have given control of the airport’s future to voters.

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Two Bearhawk aircraft receive workmanship awards

Bearhawk 1

Bearhawk Aircraft reports two award wins for customer-built Bearhawk airplanes. Bearhawk co-owner/builders Hatcher Ferguson and Don Aldridge of Virginia, and Mark Scott of Connecticut, were awarded Outstanding Workmanship for fabrication of two separate aircraft at recent fly-in events. The awards recognize the builders for their craftsmanship, technique and level of finish on their completed aircraft.

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USA Today fires latest salvo in anti-GA campaign

WASHINGTON, D.C. — USA TODAY, one of the Gannett publications, recently carried another article about general aviation safety, which brought quick rebuttals from the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) and the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA).

USA TODAY carried a three-part series this past June titled “Unfit for Flight.” The latest single article, published Oct. 27, was: “Post-Crash Fires in Small Planes Cost 600 lives.” The article did not include in the heading that this number was over the past 25 years and safety has been continually improving.

Several attempts were made to contact Gannett offices to interview someone about the articles. These have been rebuffed.

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