Rare World War II glider restored

a+s Glider

There are some people who get as much joy out of restoring an aircraft as they do out of flying one. Steve Noyes, an A&P/IA and commercial pilot from Newbury, Massachusetts, is one of those people.

Since 1985 he has operated Noyes Enterprises, which includes Birddogs by Noyes, a business dedicated to the restoration and modifications of Cessna L-19 Birddogs, the militarized versions of the C-305. One of the common uses of Birddogs is as a glider tower, so perhaps it’s understandable that a job maintaining tow aircraft led Noyes to the restoration of a 1942 Schweizer training glider, known as a TG-2. [Read more…]

Are you forgetting these preflight tasks?

GlobalAir.com blogger Sarina Houston’s latest post about preflight tasks notes that general aviation pilots going on a familiar flights often do a preflight that’s “quick and dirty,” sometimes including only a brief check of weather and a quick walk-around of the aircraft. But there are required items in a preflight — familiar with the acronym NWKRAFT? – that all pilots must do before taking off. Check out the post here.