Flying Circus takes off

Balloon glow

While the American Barnstormers Tour has concluded, many of the barnstormers are now participating in the Flying Circus at various events through the country, including the Wausau Balloon and BBQ Festival. Stearman pilot Sarah Wilson, who blogged about the tour for, continues her Barnstormers Blog with what’s going on with the Flying Circus:

Each time the Flying Circus is due at an event, I get a text from Gayle Harrigan, the wife of one of the New Standard D25 pilot/owners Bernie Harrigan, when they are en route. Gayle simply writes: “Leaving our family now to return to our loved ones.” It is a perfect description of how we feel when we fly rides with our core group of friends and fellow pilots that make up the American Barnstormers Flying Circus. Two New Standards, a Travel Air, and my Stearman, along with their pilots and families, travel together until fall all across the Midwest.

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