Is it security or bureaucracy?

Security results in action. Bureaucracy results in more bureaucracy.

There is no group of people better qualified to discuss action and response than pilots. From our first day of flying training our flight instructors teach us not to take an action for granted. Flip a switch, look for an action. Make a control input, ensure you get the desired response.

Security is the same. It’s action-based, not paperwork-based. [Read more…]

GA Security: Risk controlling — how much?


How much disposable income should I invest in security stuff to protect my aircraft?

This question is probably one of the most sensitive that I get because flying is not cheap. Even if we have the best of situations, there are still annual inspections and scheduled maintenance, repair of things that break from normal wear and tear, state and local taxes, hangar or tie down fees, GPS database subscriptions, not to mention the fuel and oil. “So with all of these expenses just to be able to go enjoy my $100 hamburger, now I’m supposed to buy security, too?”

I hear you.

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