Mentoring: Making it more affordable

The role of a mentor varies widely depending on the situation. In general they are there to provide counsel, be supportive, give constructive criticism and encouragement.

One area that doesn’t get a lot of airplay is the money-saving benefits of such an arrangement.  A mentor, by default will likely put you on a path that saves you money versus going it alone.

Mentoring: Your Role As Mentee

If you are being mentored or plan to be someday in the future, this post is for you. We can all benefit from having a mentor, no matter how experienced we are.

Last time I wrote about the role of the mentor (link here) and what is involved. This time the tables are turned and we’ll discuss the job of the mentee. The truth is, even mentors need to be mentored.

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Mentoring: What is a mentor?

With all this talk about mentoring, we need to clear the air on just what it means to be a mentor.

Unfortunately there isn’t a manual or rule book that tells you how to be a mentor, at least not in the aviation world. The good news is that most of the core competencies are common sense.

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Mentoring: Sharing the magic

Flying is such an amazing experience, I can’t imagine anyone who doesn’t think it’s cool on some level.

Because of this mindset I have a real passion for seeing our industry flourish — most of us do. It’s partially selfish, because if people aren’t interested in flying we shrink as a community. If we shrink too much there are obvious bad things that occur.

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